Double Duty

To keep the engines of its long-range national security cutters in top condition, the Coast Guard calls onsupport from MTU’s Large Engine Service Group. 

A perfect match

90 % of all vessels built by Rodman Polyships leave the shipyard with an MTU engine.

The deal is off

The U.S. Navy on the hunt for drug smugglers off the coast of El Salvador.

MTU power for Canada

The Canadian Coast Guard’s Mid-Shore Patrol Vessels are powered by MTU Series 4000 engines.

Reliable on a limited space

Rolls-Royce is to supply a total of 48 MTU diesel gensets worth some 90 million euros for 12 Duke-class frigates used by the UK’s Royal Navy.


How does a submarine keep itself supplied with air? How long can it stay submerged? And what does a diesel engine for an underwater craft have to be capable of?

A class of its own

A day on board the Bernhard C. Webber, the US coast guard's new patrol boat.   

Ships of the desert

All naval vessels recently built by Abu Dhabi Ship Building have been propelled by MTU engines.