Green power is anything but square

When it comes to producing over 70,000 tons of chocolate per annum, Ritter Sport chooses to trust a combined heat and power plant from MTU.

Towers and tea-houses

At the heart of the 632-m Shanghai Tower an MTU Series 4000 gas engine delivers 1,165 kW for the building's internal power supply.

Dairy waste becomes usable energy

Norm-E-Lane’s new MTU Onsite Energy CHP system began producing power in September of 2015. The farm sells the electric power to the grid.

High-tech Highway

23 MTU Onsite Energy natural gas generator sets will provide power to  traffic lane monitoring systems on Chicago’s Interstate 90.

Energy for Australian dairy

Australian dairy company Bulla Dairy Foods has two CHP modules from MTU Onsite Energy at its Colac location.

Grow, fell, heat, repeat

How is a tree in the forest turned into useful wood gas? Thanks MTU it will be no problem.

Lights on in Lomeiro

Four natural-gas fueled MTU electricity gensets ensure the power supply in many rural areas of Bolivia

New town

The town of Norderstedt puts its faith in district heating when it comes to supplying its population with domestic heating.

Balancing Act

How MTU genset operators can support the energy turnaround and earn money.

Greenhouse effect

In Heiko Hagdorn’s greenhouse it is summer all year round – thanks to a Combined Heat and Power module from MTU Onsite Energy.

Unterweser Unoccupied

A CHP module provides electricity and heat for the Unterweser nuclear power plant now that it is to be phased out.

Sustainable luxury

Three first-class hotels on the Turkish Riviera contribute their share to saving the environment by relying on several combined heat and power plants.

Tabacco Tradizionale

MTU Onsite Energy creates the perfect climatic conditions for tobacco at Italian cigar manufacturer Sigaro Toscano.

Sweet smell of success

A biogas plant in Chile has quite a pleasant side-effect:  the pigs' manure no longer smells because it is fermented.


The malt is dried with the aid energy produced by two modular CHP plants supplied by MTU Onsite Energy.

Subterranean sunshine

A cogeneration plant from MTU Onsite Energy provides heated water at a Bavarian swimming pool.

Bread of Heaven

The Mestemacher industrial bakery relies on an environmentally-friendly cogeneration module for its heat and power.

Blowing hot and cold

The waste heat from two cogeneration modules provides the energy for special chillers in a cold-storage plant.

Where the gas is greener

A biogas cogeneration module supplies heat for public buildings in the town of Löningen in Lower Saxony.

Tutto di Parma

Italy's world-famous Parma ham is made on farms in the Po Valley, where biogas is also used to generate electricity.