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Another positive business performance

 Rolls-Royce Power Systems did not just meet its objectives for the year, it also turned in the best revenue performance in the company's history.

Go! Service

Digital offerings enhance the service experience.

Our start-up

An agile, flat organization: Inside MTU’s new Digital Team.

Customer Service 4.0

The new Customer Care Centers are part of a drive to transform its global customer service.

First engine ready

MTU Yuchai Power celebrates the production of the first MTU Series 4000 engine.

Joint Venture with Force Motors

MTU parent company Rolls-Royce Power Systems and Pune-based vehicle manufacturer Force Motors signed an agreement on a Joint Venture. 

On course for success

“Rolls-Royce Power Systems delivered a strong performance in the financial year just ended and has held its ground well against the competition,” CEO Andreas Schell said during a press conference on the financial results for the year 2017.

Kristine Janssen – The Fascination of Power

Janssen has worked for MTU for ten years, mainly responsible for the Marine business within the Application & Internal Controls function for development projects, before transferring to Internal Audit.

From Syria to Friedrichshafen

Rolls-Royce Power Systems is offering entry-level vocational training to ten young refugees to prepare them for an apprenticeship.

King of Speed

Racing across the Utah salt flats at 402 km per hour– what man or woman with the ‘need for speed’ intheir genes could possibly resist?

New CEO of Rolls-Royce Power Systems

Andreas Schell has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Rolls-Royce Power Systems. He will take up his new position from 1 January 2017, succeeding Dr Ulrich Dohle (right) who is retiring.

New distributor for South Korea

At the 3-day Power-Gen Asia event in Seoul, Korea, MTU Onsite Energy took the opportunity to introduce its new partner, MEST Co., Ltd. (MTU Engine and Systems Technology).

On holiday with MTU

Find out where you can meet MTU on your holidays in the summer issue of MTU Report.

Chance for young refugees

Rolls-Royce Power Systems is paving the way for ten refugees to start out on the road to a future career. The first group will start at the Friedrichshafen location.

Engine for Knowledge Workshop

MTU is donating a Series 1600 engine to the Knowledge Workshop in Friedrichshafen. The training organization will be offering engine courses.

MTU on the lookout for young talent

Out of the lecture hall and into the pits: With its MTU brand, Rolls-Royce Power Systems is once again one of the main sponsors of Formula Student Germany.

Boys only? No way!

Carola Salinas from MTU distributor Gerona Power is the world's first female commissioning engineer for MTU Onsite Energy Gas gensets.

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Detroit’s Defender

The Randolph is an extremely effective firefighting tool. It is equipped with six Detroit Diesel 2-Cycle engines.

MTU Turkey celebrates

MTU Turkey shows an impressive track record after 25 years in the business.

Maybach Flyers

This picture was taken over 80 years ago. It shows the speedboat racer Donnerwetter, one of the two demonstration craft of Maybach-Motorenbau.

New MTU Report: The country issue

In the second issue of MTU Report in 2015 we are leaving behind the world of the city and heading out into the picturesque countryside.

Silver at BCP 2015

MTU media has scooped not one, but two, silver medals at the “Best of Corporate Publishing Award” (BCP Award) in Munich, the Oscars of corporate publishing.

Improved MTU-brand website

Modern, eye-catching, informative – the MTU-brand starting page and individual application pages have a new look.

Dr. Ulrich Dohle extends his contract

Dr. Ulrich Dohle, CEO of Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG with the core brands MTU and MTU Onsite Energy, has had his contract extended, which was due to expire in December 2015, for a further year.

The Gold Standard

In 1896, miners discovered gold in the Klondike region of the Yukon Territory.

FC Barcelona wins MTU Indoor Cup

A team has successfully defended the MTU Indoor Cup title for the first time. In the final of the popular U15 youth football tournament sponsored by MTU, the Spanish team FC Barcelona "Grana" won 4-0 against Dutch side Ajax Amsterdam.

Keeping a good thing going

Nearly 250,000 Detroit Diesel 2-Cycle engines are still going strong all over the world. MTU is proud to continue providing expert support.

Magic Cool Bus

A fleet of six-wheeled vehicles takes tourists onto a glacier in the Canadian Rockies.

Ten-ton speed demon

The world's fastest modified diesel truck has a Detroit Diesel 2-Cycle 16 V Series 92 under it's hood.

At Home on the Sea

A family cruises all over the globe abroad their floating home, a 50-foot yacht called Gilana.

Unsung Hero

Detroit Diesel 2-Cycle powered trucks move jets into position on U.S. Navy aircraft carriers.

The Call of Duty

When the Gulf War broke out, Detroit Diesel 2-Cycle engines were delivered to the U.S. Army in record time.

An earth-moving experience

Earthmovers powered by Detroit Diesel 2-Cycle engines worked tirelessly in Iraq and Yugoslavia.

The Olympia

An antique tugboat rumbles through Holland canals with a Detroit Diesel 2-Cycle Series 71 engine.

Licensed to Thrill

Sporting Detroit Diesel 2-Cycle 6-71N engines, this 118-foot yacht has appeared in Thunderball.

The Road Warrior

One Man. Nearly five decades of Detroit Diesel 2-Cycle engine experiences, from Vietnam to Texas.

A Very Civil Servant

After 62 years in the nation's capital, a Detroit Diesel 2-Cycle engine retires from its duties with dignity.

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MTU Monster Campaign wins marketing award

MTU engines are tougher – whatever the conditions. That much is absolutely clear from the Monster Campaign that MTU has been running for the last year to advertise its industrial engines.

Nice to see you!

Welcome to www.mtu-report.com! This is the place to visit for news, reports and technical articles from the world of MTU power generation and propulsion systems.

How big you have grown!

MTU Singapore was the company's very first foreign subsidiary, and is celebrating its fortieth anniversary this year.

3 days, 8 hours, 27 minutes

In 1986, the Virgin Atlantic Challenger II crossed the Atlantic in the record time of 3 days, 8 hours and 27 minutes. The crew now met up again.

Detroit and the Diesel

Detroit Diesel has been owned by MTU since the year 2000. Having started out as General Motors, it can look back on an exciting history.

Ahead of its time

The MTU Series 4000 engine was the first high-speed, high-performance diesel engine with common rail injection.

Learning to fly

Karl Maybach presented the first modern aviation engine in 1917 and tested it at an altitude of 1,800 meters.

Only flying was faster

In 1933, the `Fliegender Hamburger´ made the journey from Berlin to Hamburg in two hours and 18 minutes – a quantum leap for its time.