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Drives of the future 

The market for drives, propulsion and power generation is undergoing a seismic change. New customer expectations and emerging technologies are substantially altering the business environment and creating opportunities that were hitherto undreamt-of. And MTU has its finger on the pulse. Far from just reacting to change, it has stayed true to its pioneering spirit: with major technological advances in drives and propulsion, it has evolved successfully from straightforward engine maker to provider of drive, propulsion and energy solutions that tick all the boxes in terms of robustness, ecological soundness and sustainability. So whatever its customer is looking for in a drive or energy system, MTU can find the solution that optimally fits his individual needs. That might be a diesel or gas engine, but it could equally be a hybrid configuration, fuel cell, or straightforward electric drive.  Far from being some dreamy vision, current projects show that it's all happening now: The first yachts and trains powered by MTU hybrid drive systems will soon be ready to launch. An MTU microgrid is already delivering on-site power in a reliable, cost-effective and sustainable way. And MTU-brand digital products are monitoring systems from afar, giving customers the very best service around. 

Smarter maintenance

Digital tools and new analytical methods increasingly mean that parts only need servicing when it is actually necessary.

Why hybrid drives are the future

Hybrid drives connect two worlds: clean travel powered by electric motors and long-distance travel powered by combustion engine technology.

Go! Service

Digital offerings enhance the service experience.