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Detroit’s Defender

The Randolph is an extremely effective firefighting tool. It is equipped with six Detroit Diesel 2-Cycle engines.

The Gold Standard

In 1896, miners discovered gold in the Klondike region of the Yukon Territory.

Keeping a good thing going

Nearly 250,000 Detroit Diesel 2-Cycle engines are still going strong all over the world. MTU is proud to continue providing expert support.

Magic Cool Bus

A fleet of six-wheeled vehicles takes tourists onto a glacier in the Canadian Rockies.

Ten-ton speed demon

The world's fastest modified diesel truck has a Detroit Diesel 2-Cycle 16 V Series 92 under it's hood.

At Home on the Sea

A family cruises all over the globe abroad their floating home, a 50-foot yacht called Gilana.

Unsung Hero

Detroit Diesel 2-Cycle powered trucks move jets into position on U.S. Navy aircraft carriers.

The Call of Duty

When the Gulf War broke out, Detroit Diesel 2-Cycle engines were delivered to the U.S. Army in record time.

An earth-moving experience

Earthmovers powered by Detroit Diesel 2-Cycle engines worked tirelessly in Iraq and Yugoslavia.

The Olympia

An antique tugboat rumbles through Holland canals with a Detroit Diesel 2-Cycle Series 71 engine.

Licensed to Thrill

Sporting Detroit Diesel 2-Cycle 6-71N engines, this 118-foot yacht has appeared in Thunderball.

The Road Warrior

One Man. Nearly five decades of Detroit Diesel 2-Cycle engine experiences, from Vietnam to Texas.

A Very Civil Servant

After 62 years in the nation's capital, a Detroit Diesel 2-Cycle engine retires from its duties with dignity.