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A Toy Fit for King Kong

9/15/2014 | Words: Chuck Mahnken | Pictures: MTU Archive

2-Cycle engines, Series 71

Some people outgrow their toys. Others grow up, and resize their toys accordingly. Meet Dave Metzger, and his MCI-7 custom motor coach. The converted bus/RV was “a pure joy as a play toy,” Dave says. The engine providing the power? A Detroit Diesel 2-Cycle 12V Series 71.

The project was too big for Santa’s elves, so Dave stepped in. “I bought the engine from an old DDC mechanic,” Dave says. “It had been on a off-road compressor. When I opened it up for rebuild, it had a cracked crankshaft. So I bought a new crank, new balancer and single oil pump.”

The powerful Series 71 underwent a total rebuild. “I machined the heads to make flat, 48 valves, both blowers, fuel pump, injector tubes, N70 injectors, advance timing, cylinder kits, and so on. It turned out to be a super engine and made flat ground out of the hills. The nice part? The 12V71 is only 11.5 inches longer than the 8V71, but is about 1300 lbs heavier.”

The motor coach produced a thunderous roar that turned heads everywhere it went. “The sound was great. No one could figure what it was, due to its unique sound,” Dave says. People lined up to see it at the 1995 Family Motor Coach Association show. It was the talk of Dave’s Converted Coach Owners group for years. “Even Charlie Daniels and Fats Domino got a kick out of it,” Dave says. “This project is the most enjoyable toy I ever played with.” And fortunately for Detroit Diesel 2-Cycle fans, Dave didn’t mind sharing his toy with others.

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