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Licensed to Thrill

9/1/2014 | Words: Chuck Mahnken | Pictures: MTU Archive

2-Cycle engines, Series 71

Berthed at the Grosse Pointe Club in Michigan, the 118-foot Natoya was so long that she took up the entire end of the marine out-wall. Her sheer beauty and elegance earned the Natoya several appearances in the 1965 James Bond movie, Thunderball. The Natoya can be seen floating offshore while Bond confronts a villain. Later, it is blown up during a thrilling boat chase scene. Naturally, the Natoya was too valuable to destroy--a “stand-in” boat was used.

The Natoya was a sister ship of a line of yachts called Cruisemasters, by the Defoe boatyard of Bay City, Michigan. She was owned by Harold DuCharme and the Captain was James Mertaugh. Quincy G. Leslie says, "I was a Natoya deck hand in the early 1960s. She ran 4 GM (later Detroit Diesel) 6-71N Diesels, two in series on a side. She was built around 1950 and sailed the Great Lakes for 20 years or so.”

Quincy’s love for Detroit Diesel 2-Cycle continues to this day: “I run a '72 43-foot Hatteras DCFB yacht with 2 6J&T 6-71N's--one original, one majored. I love their sound ... gives me chills! Great engines ... screamin' Jimmies!"

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