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More Than Meets the Eye

10/2/2014 | Words: Chuck Mahnken | Pictures: Travis Lyon

Detroit Diesel 2-Cycle Engines

On the highway, the Decepticon Motormaster K100E is the last thing you want to see in your rearview mirror. It appeared on this planet in 2009, when “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” hit movie screens. It has been nabbing awards at truck shows across the country ever since.

Nobody has seen its 10 tons of steel transform into robot mode. Yet. In vehicle mode, Motormaster is disguised as a Kenworth K100 Aerodyne sleeper truck. It was created by Travis Lyon, a lifelong Transformers and tractor-trailer fan, with the support of his fearless team of Kenworth truck restoration experts at Worldwide Equipment in Abingdon, VA.

Travis set out to build Motormaster with only one engine in mind—the Detroit Diesel 2-Cycle 8V92. Introduced in 1973, the notorious Series 92 is known as the loudest, most aggressive engine on the highway. It delivers power that’s out of this world. In other words, it was the perfect choice for Motormaster. Fate was on his side as this rare engine was found in a Kenworth K100 at a nearby salvage yard.

After a year of painstaking research, numerous team meetings, and countless hours of technical and artistic craftsmanship, the Decepticon Motormaster K100E roared to life. Its Detroit Diesel 2-Cycle 8V92 literally shook the walls of the shop in which it was born.

Inside, toggle switches feature chrome extensions with Swarovski crystals embedded in the tips. The cab sports a touchscreen TV and powerful audio system. At night, purple undercarriage lights makes it appear that the Motormaster is pulsing with Energon, the lifeblood of all Transformers. Or is it actual Energon?

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