MTU invests 17 million in new paint shop

6/13/2017 | Words: Miriam Jesenik | Pictures: Stefan Söll

environmentally friendly, paint shop, Investment, Friedrichshafen

26 km of cabling, 6.2 km of pipework, 2,500 metric tons of rubble, 600 tons of concrete and 900 tons of structural steelwork. These are just some of the numbers surrounding the new paint shop at MTU Plant 2 in Friedrichshafen's Manzell district. This is where Series 956, 1163 and 8000 engines, classic Series 396 engines, complex gensets and traction systems, and components used in all series will be painted from now on. 

“The first impression customers get of our products is the way they look,” said CEO Andreas Schell. “You only get one chance to make a first impression, and that's why a high-quality paint finish is really important for us”, he continued. The new plant is set to make painting operations more environmentally friendly, reducing throughput times by approximately 20%. With capital expenditure totaling EUR 17.5 million, this is one of the larger investments in recent years.

Very latest standards in occupational health and environmental protection
Its state-of-the-art technology makes the new paint shop much more environmentally friendly than its predecessor: the use of aqueous paint helps reduce solvent emissions, and cleaning of engines and components is also undertaken without the use of solvents. Another benefit is that the washing and flushing water can be used several times over. With smaller engines, the booth can be divided in two, making painting more energy-efficient.

The new plant also offers major benefits as far as ergonomics, occupational health and safety, and efficiency are concerned. “Accessibility and physical ease of operation are greatly improved. Elevating work platforms make it much easier for workers to get at the engines,” explained MTU project manager Bastian Hanfeld. The plant's improved efficiency means that products are washed, painted and dried more quickly. All in the interests of producing a perfect exterior with which to make a great first impression.


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