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Third Issue of MTU Report 2015

12/7/2015 | Words: Yvonne Wirth | Pictures: Robert Hack

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Water plays a massive role for MTU – and not just in terms of the marine sector. Reason enough to dedicate an entire issue of MTU Report to the subject. The water issue is the third part of MTU Report's town, country and water trilogy.

Founder Karl Maybach was convinced of the capabilities of his engines for waterborne craft from an early stage in the company's history. As far back as the 1920s and 1930s, racing boats powered by Maybach engines sped over Lake Constance. And MTU engines have long since propelled many more craft than just speedboats. So MTU Report snatched a glimpse of the world of wealth and glamour and an exclusive preview of the new MTU-powered luxury yacht Amore Mio built by the Heesen shipyard before she was launched.

Worth taking a plunge
Super-sized ferries in Alaska propelled by MTU engines carry locals to and from work and tourists to the region's most beautiful spots. But it is not just water under the keel that floats our boat. Emergency backup gensets supplied by MTU Onsite Energy safeguard the domestic water supply for millions of people over an area stretching from the shores of Lake Constance to the northernmost parts of Baden-Württemberg. And there is also water inside every single engine – in the coolant. The cover picture is once again a real head-turner – an illustration from the pen of Robert Hack, a photographer for the Corporate Communication Department in his day job.

You can download the new Issue here.

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