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Hotrod "Piss'd off Pete" looks as mean as it sounds

8/25/2014 | Words: Chuck Mahnken | Pictures: Randy Grubb

2-Cycle engines, Series  71

As a kid, Randy Grubb loved the semi trucks that would drive past his parents’ sedan on road trips. Since then, he’s admired the classic Peterbilt design, and dreamed of building the perfect “Pete” hot rod. Though he helped others build their own customized “Pete” hot rods, he never built his own. His vision of the perfect “Pete” remained unrealized until now.

“Piss’d Off Pete” represents 3,000 hours of work over 15 months (10-12 hours a day, seven days a week). It all started when Randy saw the 1960s semi-truck his friend used to haul lumber. It was powered by a Detroit Diesel 12V71 and sounded unlike anything Randy had ever heard. When he found out the engine was a 12V American Made, he knew he had to get one.

Randy’s goal was to make Piss’d Off Pete look as mean as it sounded. A Peterbilt aluminum cab was the ideal showcase for the Detroit Diesel engine and the perfect opportunity to display two beautiful icons of power in a way they’d never been displayed before.


Randy kept the Detroit Diesel stock engine and its twin stock superchargers relatively untouched, aside from dressing up the valve covers with a little polish and adding a pair of Enderle bug catcher intake scoops. The 3-inch Zoome exhaust helps preserve the natural Detroit Diesel engine sound.

For Randy, building Piss’d Off Pete was like therapy. And the final product has drawn a lot of attention. Semi-truck guys love it. It’s audacious. Piss’d Off Pete, designed to make people laugh, and always brings a smile to people’s faces.

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