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Do you use one of our products in an application that you would like to tell us about? Or do you know of an exciting application that we should urgently report on our website? We are always on the search for stories about interesting applications that make our technology come alive, and any ideas or suggestions you may have for new articles will always be welcome.

Nor should you hesitate to contact us if you happen to have any questions in this respect. Send an e-mail to: report@mtu-online.com.
Many thanks.

The MTU Report team is looking forward to your feedback. From left to right: Katrin Auernhammer, Rolf Behrens, Wolfgang Boller, Anika Emmerich, Bryan Mangum sowie (Bottom row, from left to right) Katharina Dietrich, Alina Welsen, Melanie Staudacher, Robert Hack, Wolfgang Stolba, Miriam Jesenik, Silke Rockenstein and Lucie Maluck.