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Weser ferry goes green

The Weser ferry Bremerhaven is to be fitted with two new MTU Series 4000 engines fueled by synthetically produced GTL diesel (gas-to-liquid).

The gas pioneer

Doeksen is deploying two  ferries that will be powered by MTU's new mobile 16-cylinder single-fuel gas engines.

Going app!

Italian shipping company Navigazione Laghi relies on digital tools from MTU.

Record-breaking tugboat

For the first time, high-speed diesel engines are being used to power a 90-ton bollard pull harbor tug. 

Repowering on Lake Thun

In summer, it plies the waters, taking tourists from Thun to Interlaken and back. In the winter, the Berner Oberland was fitted with two new MTU engines.

MTU ahoy!

MTU marine engines operate worldwide. Click on this interactive map and find out where these engines operate.

Fred. Olsen opts for MTU 

Two new high-speed ferries to be run by Fred. Olsen  are each to be powered by four MTU 20V 8000 M71L engines.

Marine Hybrids

Lower carbon emissions are only one advantage of hybrid marine propulsion systems.

Ready for operation

Red Jet 7, the newest fast ferry run by UK operator Red Funnel, will enter service in July.

Energy turnaround

Greenhouse gas emissions in international shipping are to be reduced by at least 50 per cent by 2050.

MTU powers Significant Boats

Every year, WorkBoat magazine chooses ten Significant Boats. Three of them are powered by MTU engines. 

MTU again

MTU is to supply more engines to fast ferry operator Majestic Ferry in Singapore. 

Teamwork with Rolls-Royce

MTU has been contracted to deliver  engines for carbon fibre ferries for operation between Hong Kong and Guangzhou, China

The mighty ones prefer MTU

At the end of the day, luxury yachts are all about superlatives: on the deck and down in the engine room. 

Service in record time

MTU technicians have succeeded in servicing in record time two of the four Series 8000 engines.

First mobile gas engines delivered

The first two pre-production units of the new mobile MTU gas engine successfully completed their performance tests and were accepted by the customer at the beginning of December.

Go app in the world with MTU

The new MTU app brings system configuration info, product details and 3D animations right to the user's smartphone. 

Farewell to Helgoland

Craned catamaran – the Halunder Jet is on its way to its new place of service in Canada.  

The 'Sea cow' protects marine resources

The Thai Department of Marine and Coastal Resources commissioned a research vessel in 2016 for research into and protection of the country’s marine resources.

40 years and 400,000 nautical miles

Poseidon has been in service for 40 years and, after more than 500 research trips, has left nearly half a million nautical miles in its wake.

Superferry finds a home

Almost completely surrounded by the ocean, the Canadian province of Nova Scotia is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise.

MTU more in demand than ever

While little is known about who the owners of the world’s top 100 mega-yachts actually are, one thing is certain – MTU yacht engines are more popular with them than ever.

Powerful diesel engines for the Italian Navy

MTU is to supply 14 of its highest-power diesel engines for the seven new multi-purpose ocean-going patrol vessels that are being built for the Italian Navy by Fincantieri.

Superyacht Award for MTU propulsion

The Galactica Super Nova is a major winner in the Superyacht Awards presented annually at the Monaco Yacht Show. The vessel took two of the four coveted awards.

Monaco shows luxury on the ocean waves

From September 28 to October 1 Port Hercule in Monaco provides a backdrop for the spectacle of more than 120 superyachts riding at anchor under the admiring gaze of visitors.

New wind farm auxiliaries for Europe

Seacat Services is to take three new wind farm auxiliary vessels into service in 2016 and 2017. The new boats are powered by two 12V 2000 M72 engines.

MTU gas engines for new Doeksen catamarans

At SMM, representatives of the Singaporean shipyard Strategic Marine and Rolls-Royce signed a contract for the delivery of four MTU gas engines for two new 70-metre long catamarans.

Powerful, fuel efficient, clean

At the SMM International Maritime Trade Fair in Hamburg, Rolls-Royce will be presenting its advanced design MTU Series 4000 diesel engines for IMO III and EPA Tier 4 emission regulations.

Securing Oman’s Coast

The Royal Oman Police is purchasing five new fibreglass interceptor and patrol boats from the Spanish shipyard Rodman Polyships.

Underwater waterland

Australia's Great Barrier Reef: dream destination for divers and endangered undersea utopia.

No wind?  MTU provides propulsion

The US Coast Guard’s sailing ship is to be re-powered with an MTU engine. The eighty year old training barque Eagle is also known as ‘America’s Tall Ship’.

New 'Round Italy' record

From Monte Carlo to Venice by sea in 22 hours, five minutes and 42 seconds – that is the record set just recently by the fastest rescue vessel in the world. 

Sea trials successful

The latest addition to the British Red Funnel ferry fleet, Red Jet 6, completed successfully the first sea trials in June 2016 and will go into service in July.

Cleanest Operating Ferry in USA

MTU distributor Pacific Power Group is engineering a propulsion system that will be the cleanest operating passenger ferries in the U.S.

Service renewal for ferries

Bintan Resort Ferries (BRF) has recently renewed the second “Power-By-The-Hour”-MARC contract with MTU Asia for their two catamaran ferries

MTU only

The 28-metre long Damen ASD Tug 2810 work boat can push pull upwards of 60 tons. The tug is powered by two 16V 4000 M63R MTU engines.

Diesel gensets for the Royal Navy

MTU is to supply twelve diesel gensets to prime contractor BAE Systems for the first three Type 26 Global Combat Ships due to go into service with the Royal Navy.

Indonesia explores the seabed

The Indonesian Navy is to explore the underwater topography in greater detail using two 58-m Offshore Support Vessels.

Flying Dutchman 2.0

Rolls-Royce is predicting that the first commercial unmanned ships will be in service before the end of the decade.

Tugging with MTU

For tug boats of the Dutch and Swedish Navy MTU delivers Series 2000 and Series 4000 engines.

Galactica Super Nova Yacht Christened

The Galactica Super Nova is the largest megayacht built by the Dutch Shipyard Heesen to date. The owners christened the 230-footer in Oss, Holland at the beginning of March.

MTU for Turkey's biggest yacht

MTU engines will power two 47.6-m Bilgin 156 motor yachts, as well as the largest yacht ever built in Turkey in its class – the Bilgin 263.

60 knots help save lives at sea

The majority of rescue vessels are capable of speeds up to 30 knots. In Italy, a rescue vessel that boasts twice this speed and can move at 60 knots is currently undergoing trials.

Alaska's water highway

Since much of Alaska has no road access, taking a ferry on the Alaska Marine Highway System is a great way to see the spectacular scenery and landscapes.

Sweet home Alabama

The M/V Alabama push boat works on the Kanawha River, performing a run from one end of the river to the other while pushing coal and chemical barges.

The pioneer

MTU Series 4000 M54 Ironmen engines selected for the repower of the ship Lil D.

Commuting Swedish style

The Stockholm Archipelago is favourite holiday destination. MTU powered ferries provide the transport.

Certified once, please!

The Fairplay Towage shipping company officially launched a new harbour tug powered featuring MTU diesel gensets certified to IMO Tier III in Rotterdam.

Ultratug uses Ironmens for tugboats in Chile

In June 2015 the first of a total of 4 Harbor Tugs owned by the Chilean work boat operator Ultratug has been commissioned successfully. Each vessel is powered by two MTU engines.

MTU engines for Italian super yacht

Four MTU 16V 2000 M96L high-performance engines will propel the FR031 super yacht from Italian shipyard Rossi Navi from spring 2017 onward.

TV star in action

She is a TV celebrity. Once a week she delights German viewers with exciting chase sequences as the Albatros II.

Speed and reliability at sea

Wind-farm tenders have to convey people and cargo safely even in the heaviest seas. The ‘Lina’, the ‘Trearddur Bay’ and the ‘Explorer’ are prime examples.

Faster than many a superyacht

Condor Liberation, the new 102-m Austal-built trimaran, came into service for British operator Condor Ferries at the end of March.

MTU Engines Power South Korean Fast Ferry

The four MTU Type 16V 2000 M72 engines aboard the high-speed catamaran ‘Sea Star 5’, a Damen Fast Ferry design, can take the vessel up to a top speed of 40 knots.

Cleaner ocean research

The Poseidon, Germany's ocean research ship, has MTU engines that deliver exceptionally clean power.

MTU Propulsion for Boston Ferry

Last year it was a complete interior refurbishment, this year it is the turn of the engines. The passenger ferry ‘Salacia’ operates off the Atlantic coast of North America and is currently undergoing a major overhaul.

Ice crusher

The American research ship Sikuliaq can break ice of up to 75 cm thickness – powered by four Ironmen engines.

First mega yacht with a floating drive-in garage

The M/Y CRN J´ade is the first yacht ever to have its own floating garage. Taking the place of unwieldy lifting or roller mechanisms, water is the only medium needed to drive a speed boat into the garage.

Littoral Combat Ship USS Montgomery christened

Austal USA and the US Navy recently celebrated the christening of the future Littoral Combat Ship USS Montgomery (LCS 8). Two MTU 8000 engines form the heart of the propulsion plant.

New patrol boat for water police in the North Sea

At the start of November, Schleswig-Holstein’s water police christened their new patrol boat Helgoland. The 34-meter-long vessel was built at the Fassmer Yard in Berne and has a top speed of 24 knots.

Aye, aye, Captain!  

The Duhnen pilot launch is powered by MTU reman engines to bring pilots safely up to the biggest freighters in the North Sea.

Maritime Search-and-Rescue with MTU

The sea rescuers in the North and Baltic Sea are to receive three new search-and-rescue-vessels. If they capsize, these 28-m vessels right themselves automatically.


MTU news from the SMM International Maritime Trade Fair.

Thames taxis

Ferries on the Thames traverse the city of London like its famous taxis, and are powered by remanufactured engines from MTU. 


The Nh 1816 is fitted out with MTU engines that keep running even if the ship overturns and re-rights itself.

Three in a boat

MTU, Damen and SVITZER have teamed up to bring the first ever Reverse Stern Drive (RSD) Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) tug to the market.

MTU powers new fast ferries for Pearl River Delta

The Chinese shipyard AFAI Southern Shipyard (Panyu) Ltd. is working with Dutch ship designers CoCo-Yachts B.V. on the construction of two fast ferries for the Shenzhen Pengxing Shipping Co. Ltd.

MTU-powered ferry exceeds expectations

Ferry operator Norled AS recently began transporting its passengers in the Norwegian region of Sunnhordland on a new fast ferry from. The M/S Fjordbris is powered by four 10-cylinder MTU Series 2000 engines.

Mighty Mississippi

Tug boats often push and pull barges that are many times bigger and heavier than themselves.

MTU showcases new Series 1600 marine genset at DIMDEX

The Series 1600 is now also available in marine gensets. The genset is based on a 6-cylinder Series 1600 inline engine delivering up to 323 kW output and compliant with IMO Tier II and EPA Tier 3 regulations.

11.50 from Balestrand

MTU engines power almost 90% of the ferries which connect the villages and towns on the Norwegian coast, just like express trains elsewhere.

Lodi ahoy!

The MTU workboat engine meets Tier 3 exhaust regulations without using diesel particulate filters or an SCR catalyzer.

Heavenly power

Generating electrical power from wind involves some complex operations. MTU helps ensure their success with propulsion systems for wind farm crew boats and installation vessels.

Super saver

A day on board the Harro Koebke, the search and rescue vessel.

Invades from the deepth

The Scientific Center for the Great Lakes in the USA is to use two new research vessels to monitor the carp population in the lakes.

When the seagulls stop flying...

The Nordic is the only tug in the world that can provide its own air supply for breathing - independent of the outside atmosphere.

Masterly maintenance

A maintenance contract guarantees an operator from Malta maximum availability for his ferries.

Shuttle to paradise

An MTU ValueCare maintenance contract provides reliable protection coupled with cost security.