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12/11/2017 | Words: Alice Bacher | Pictures: MTU


What does the latest version of the MTU marine engine look like? How does the exhaust gas aftertreatment system work? Answers to these questions, and more, can be found in the new MTU app bringing system configuration info, product details and 3D animations right to the user's smartphone. 

The app works in conjunction with a product brochure which is available as a hard copy or online. What makes this brochure special is that it includes red 'augmented reality' symbols in various places. These can be scanned into the user's smartphone to display the product on-screen using AR. 

As well as a 360° view of the engine, users can zoom in on individual components and even display animations of various engine configuration options. “We have to present flexible solutions to our customers, especially for ships where space in many engine rooms is at a premium,” emphasized Michael Drews, Series 4000 M05 Project Manager. 

Configuring engines online 
The app also points to a web page where customers can configure their own engines, using a drop-down menu to choose a propulsion system for their vessel. “From emissions regulations and power range to the type of propulsion system, we tailor the product to the customer's precise requirements,” explained Julian Sorg from Key Account Global Marketing, Marine, adding, “The numerous 3D renderings enable customers to see what their fully-configured product will end up looking like.” 
And one happy by-product of this is that customers also benefit from even better advice and guidance from MTU sales staff and distributors, who are able to convey much more information with greater ease.

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