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Hot contender for high-speed transport on Pearl River

4/27/2017 | Words: Melanie Staudacher | Pictures: Wang Tak Engineering & Shipbuilding Co. Ltd.

Shi ZI Yang 7, Swath, Catamaran, Pearl River, 12V 2000 M72

With its semi-SWATH hull and extremely effective deck design, the new Shi Zi Yang 7 leads its class in terms of performance and is therefore very well placed on the hotly contested market for high-speed ferries serving the Pearl River. Sea trials also showed that the catamaran leads its class in terms of fuel efficiency as well.

The new 40-m catamaran was built by Hong Kong Wang Tak Engineering and Shipbuilding and went into service recently. Built from aluminium throughout, the ferry serves the Pearl River and offers seats for up to 199 passengers. Twin 12V 2000 M72 diesel engines from MTU comfortably bring the Shi Zi Yang 7 up to its 32-knot cruise speed. Each engine delivers 1,080 kW.

Ferry operator is the Sea´s Young company, who provides line services between Dongguan Humen city at Guangdong Province on the Chinese mainland to Hong Kong and Macao. The Shi Zi Yang 7 is the tenth 199 pax catamaran ferry that is powered by twin 12V 2000 M72 engines built by several shipyards to Pearl River Delta operators.

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