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Marine – Power systems’ strategic Pillar

MTU engines from Rolls-Royce can be found in service in almost every country around the globe and are very strongly represented in numerous marine applications – from high-speed ferries to wind farm supply ships and mega-yachts.  With its Green and High-Tech program, Rolls-Royce Power Systems is a driver of the energy turnaround in the maritime industry, providing ever-cleaner engines equipped with hybrid propulsion and exhaust aftertreatment and using digitalization to enable more efficient deployment of systems. Hence the company is making a major contribution to the decarbonization of shipping. Several projects are also underway in which MTU research engineers are examining which are the most efficient and economic fuels and how the engines they power need to be  configured.  Hence Rolls-Royce is already accomplishing its mission of re-branding MTU, also as a supplier of integrated, eco-friendly marine propulsion solutions. In the future, customers will come to MTU for the holistic solution they need for their individual profile: a propulsion system that optimally meets the full spectrum of their requirements, including on-board power, automation and warranted availability. 

Nationale Maritime Konferenz 2019

The lead project MethQuest

Federal Government to provide funding to industry and science for the use of gas from renewable energy sources in transport and energy supply 

Why hybrid drives are the future

Hybrid drives connect two worlds: clean travel powered by electric motors and long-distance travel powered by combustion engine technology.

The gas pioneer

Doeksen is deploying two  ferries that will be powered by MTU's new mobile 16-cylinder single-fuel gas engines.

Going app!

Italian shipping company Navigazione Laghi relies on digital tools from MTU.

Generator sets for UK Type 45 naval vessels

MTU is to supply 18 MTU Series 4000 diesel generator sets to BAE Systems to increase the resilience of the power and propulsion system in all six Type 45 destroyers.

MTU ahoy!

MTU marine engines operate worldwide. Click on this interactive map and find out where these engines operate.

Integrated bridge concept

MTUs new integrated bridge concept forms the central point of access to all information that is crucial to safe and efficient ship operation.

Electrifying the diesel

Dr. Peter Riegger, head of the Engineering Development Studies unit, on the future of off-highway-propulsion. and drive technology.

Ready for operation

Red Jet 7, the newest fast ferry run by UK operator Red Funnel, will enter service in July.

Energy turnaround

Greenhouse gas emissions in international shipping are to be reduced by at least 50 per cent by 2050.

IMO Tier III certificated

The latest generation of MTU’s Series 4000 engines equipped with the SCR system has successfully completed the IMO Tier III certification tests.