I accept it, close

5,500 meters above sea level

5,500 meters above mean sea level, in the world’s highest mine, MTU engines deliver full power for haul trucks.

New Life in Brazil

Always on the lookout for a better way, mine operator Vale explored their options and selected 16-cylinder Series 4000 C21 engines for the repower project.

“Gas engines are our future”

Alexander Egorov, General Designer and Head of the Center for Research and Development at Belaz, talks about the haul trucks of the future.

Nimble mineworker

Since 2016, a Bell B30E 4x4 has been working as a special-purpose vehicle at the natural-stone company Trierer Kalk-, Dolomit- und Zementwerke.

Oil or nothing

Our engine oils provide vital protection and help keep operating conditions optimal, ensuring maximum power and torque.

Keep it clean

Filters protect critical engine areas from unwanted particles – harmful contaminants that can cause premature wear and shorten an engine's life.

Titanic Tipper

The Belaz 75710 is the largest haul truck in the world and the first of its kind with a MTU powered twin-engine system.


Mining minerals below ground is hard work. MTU engines make sure that the machinery can keep going in those conditions.

For the long haul

MTU provides its mining customers with after-sales support using a range of ValueCare service products that can be tailored to their needs. 

Mining queen

Rachel Cameron from Australia won a CME 'Women in Resources' award.

Never Say Die

An engine in service in an American coal mine has already doubled its anticipated runtime.

Step on it, Eddie!

A 783-kW diesel engine at work in a South African mine shows that new technology can also be fun.

To Haul and Back

Around 12 million tons of coal are excavated each year in the Highvale mine – a feat made possible by MTU engine power.

Platinic affair

In a platinum mine in South Africa, vehicles transport rocks from deep underground to the surface.

On air

Technicians can monitor engine data via a remote link with the haul truck.

Time to recharge

MTU technicians can repower a haul truck in just a few days.