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CHP plant ensures that roses thrive all year long

4/24/2017 | Words: Silke Rockenstein | Pictures: Wimceco


Since the middle of April, a CHP plant from MTU Onsite Energy has been generating electric power and heat to ensure that the roses in the greenhouses of the family-run Wimceco Rose Nursery in the Belgian town of Boechout grow and thrive throughout the year. The plant replaced an existing power plant that was getting on in years. Greenhouse operator Van Nuffelen, whose company has been cultivating roses for some 30 years now, says: “We place great value on environmentally friendly and energy-efficient production, which is why we decided in favour of an MTU Onsite Energy brand CHP plant.“

The combined heat and power plant is based on high-speed 12V4000L64 gas-powered engine from MTU. With an electrical output of 1,523kWe and a thermal output of 1,912kW, it achieves a total efficiency level of 99,9 per cent. The electric power is used primarily for the greenhouse lamps and, if required, is fed into the public grid. The greenhouses, which cover an area of 1.75 hectares, are heated using the heat extracted from the exhaust gas and the engine’s cooling system. In addition, the cleaned exhaust gases from the engines are injected into the greenhouses to increase the level of CO2 and boost plant growth. Greenhouse operator Van Nuffelen expects to achieve an annual production of 5.5 Mio roses in his greenhouse facility in Boechout. These include varieties such as Sweet Avalanche, Red Eagle, White Soda, Jumilia and Miss Piggy, which are available in a colour range from light pink, dusty pink, to dark red, champagne and white. They are exported to European countries, go to whole salers and florists, and are also sold in the shop directly to rose lovers.

MTU Onsite Energy delivered the complete CHP plant in cooperation with system integrator Tecoma. Van Nuffelen and MTU Benelux have concluded a long-term maintenance contract for the combined heat and power plant covering approximately 63,000 hours of operation over the next 10 years.

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