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Continuous power from MTU for Turkcell

12/3/2015 | Words: Anika Emmerich | Pictures: Robert Hack

Power Generation, MTU Onsite Energy, Turkcell, Turkey, GSM operator

Four 20V Series 4000 gensets and one 18V 2000 genset are to be supplied to Turkcell, a new customer, in November. The Series 4000 gensets each deliver 2,500 kVA. These gensets are to be deployed for continuous power generation at a data center at Turkcell's Gebze headquarters. They will serve to ensure functioning telephone, TV and Internet services for Turkcell customers. Three gensets will be operated  to supply energy to the whole system, with one serving as a back-up. The Series 2000 genset will be used to supply energy for the offices. The Turkcell site requires some 63,600 KvA of power per hour  so far.

It was the expertise to provide an excellent solution and the ready availability of the gensets that gave them the leading edge when Turkcell, the biggest GSM company in the country, was awarding the order. "The data centers continuous power requirements are mission critical applications” said Yücel Hanoglu, MTU Onsite Energy Country Manager. They are subject to be controlled by the regulations set by three different worldwide accepted institutes, these regulations have been also in force in Turkey's telecommunications industry for safeguarding communications networks. One of them is the Uptime Institute. MTU Onsite Energy Continuous Power diesel gensets fulfill the compatibility of “Uptime Institute Tier 3 and 4” a fact that is documented within the genset data sheets. “The trust of our customer Turkcell to the brand MTU Onsite Energy supports us for a good penetration in this market”, added Hanoglu.

MTU Onsite Energy is one of the few suppliers that can fulfill those requirements that’s why the project planners are preferring these gensets for this application. Turkey has many ongoing data center projects, mainly prepared by municipalities, social security institutes, ministries and universities, which will be completed until 2023. “There is a potential of 200 MW in the next 5 years and that is why this sector has become a growth market for us," said Ali Güzel, Assistant General Manager of MTU Turkey.

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