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Staying on air with MTU Onsite Energy

Spanish public broadcaster RTVE has opted to rely on two emergency gensets to ensure no disruptions to delivery of either picture or sound. 

Faster Internet in the Arctic

More than 20 MTU Onsite Energy systems will provide backup power and enable uptime and connectivity in  Northern Canada.

New diesel generator sets

MTU Onsite Energy introduced the next-generation Series 2000 diesel generator set product line for the North American market (60Hz). 

Offenburg gets clean heat

The town of Offenburg in south-western Germany is now getting environmentally-friendly thermal energy from a natural-gas-fueled combined heat-and-power plant from MTU Onsite Energy.

Bits and bytes boom in the Silicon Forest

As alternative silicon cities crop up throughout the country, a cluster of high-tech companies have chosen Portland, Oregon, as the home for their data colocation centers.

Backup power for MTU

If everything else fails  – new emergency genset goes into service in MTU Plant 1

Shelter from the Storm

Cambridge-South Dorchester High School serves as primary emergency shelter in case of natural disaster and was recently upgraded.

Triple Mix

In Spain, Spanish power plant manufacturer Gamesa is currently testing a combination of diesel, wind and solar energy.

Ensuring grid stability

What is already near-commonplace in Germany is on the rise fast across Europe: we refer here to what are known as “renewable energies” – creating electricity from sources like wind and solar power.

Making bottles from bottles

Vogtland PET GmbH re-processes PET drink bottles using a containerized CHP module based on a Series 400 natural gas engine from MTU Onsite Energy. 

Backup power to military base

The United States Air Force relies on an MTU Onsite Energy 1,250 kWe generator set packaged in an Artic-rated, insulated enclosure with subbase fuel tank.

Reaching for the sky

Borj-e Milad, the “Tower of Birth” rises 435 meters into the sky above Tehran. A natural-gas-powered combined cooling, heat and power system with its Series 4000 MTU engine delivers 1,948 kW of electrical power.

Powering Paradise

Today’s hyper-connected telecommunications customer expects nothing less than uninterrupted service.

CHP supplies balancing energy

Stadtwerke Amberg has been supplying load-balancing energy since June 2016 using a combined heat and power plant from MTU Onsite Energy.

Data center power

MTU Onsite Energy has received an order to supply a total of 23 emergency generators with an aggregate rating of 57 MW for a data centre in Amsterdam.

Heat and power for leisure center pool

The municipal works department in the town of Winsen supplys its leisure center pool with electricity and heat using a combined heat and power plant from MTU Onsite Energy.

South African Premiere

MTU Onsite Energy supplied four plants generating cooling, heating and electric power for two new data centers near Johannesburg.

New power plant in Ghana

MTU Onsite Energy has delivered 36 natural-gas-powered gensets for a gas power plant in Accra, Ghana.

Diesel-solar hybrid

Hybrid power plants combine the benefits of diesel gensets and photovoltaic power generation in a single system.

160 gensets for VPower

MTU Onsite Energy and the VPower Group have recently signed a strategic agreement that strengthens their partnership in power generation markets across China and the rest of Asia.

Energy fair in Africa

Rolls-Royce will be presenting its high-speed and medium-speed power generation products at Power & Electricity World Africa in Johannesburg from 15 to 16 March 2016.

Power generation by public utilities

Energy suppliers become energy producers: a Combined Heat & Power Module from MTU Onsite Energy has just been delivered to the public utility company of Neuburg an der Donau.

Licence to keep

Backup power for subterranean data center in Stockholm.

Quality. Chocolate. Gas-powered.

Heat and power for the production of three million chocolate bars per day will soon be provided by a gas engine genset from MTU Onsite Energy due to go into service in early 2016.

For emergencies in an emergency

The San Francisco Fire Department decided to install MTU Series 2000 engines at the pump station for the emergency water supply.

Heartbeat of the city

Every day, Miami pulses with life. Whether it’s under Florida’s trademark sunny skies, or when the sky darkens from a looming tropical storm, MTU and MTU Onsite Energy are always there.

Under the city

What makes the city with the best lifestyle in the world so good to live in? In the Austrian capital, Vienna, simply everything is perfect.

35 years' runtime and still going strong

The MTU emergency genset in service at the Ministry of Finance in the city of Kuwait has been running for 35 years – and the plan is for it to stay in operation.  Next milestone: 40 years´ runtime.

Balancing Act

How MTU genset operators can support the energy turnaround and earn money.

Keeping Calls Connected

North America’s leading Telecom providers use MTU Onsite Energy Systems in the event that our telecom company’s main power sources are compromised.

Clean water for Morocco

Three emergency backup gensets supplied by MTU Onsite Energy ensure that there is always fresh water available in the Moroccan city of Fes.

50 degrees and no shade

Gensets based on MTU engines provide a camp in the Australian outback with a reliable power supply.

The ultimate motivator

An electricity generator set supplies power for mobile motivators for transporting cable excavators.

Morning delivery

Gensets from MTU Onsite Energy supply emergency power, peak power and control energy.

Defense mechanism

Emergency power gensets stand ready to ensure that the computer center is never offline, even if the public grid fails.

Energy sights

A city tour of Istanbul – with visits to MTU marine engines as well as emergency power and continuous power gensets from MTU Onsite Energy.

What the doctor ordered

Power outages can be fatal – especially in a hospital. Emergency power gensets are there to make sure things never get that far.