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35 years' runtime and still going strong

1/29/2015 | Words: Caren-Malina Butscher | Pictures: MTU Kuwait

Oldest MTU genset, 8V Series 396

Ministry of Finance in Kuwait operates 35-year-old emergency genset from MTU.The MTU emergency genset in service at the Ministry of Finance in the city of Kuwait has been running for 35 years – and the plan is for it to stay in operation.  Next milestone: 40 years´ runtime. Based on an 8V Series 396 engine that delivers 577 kW, the genset was installed back in 1980 in a building complex in Kuwait City on the Arabian peninsula. Since then, only the operating panel has had to be renewed, which vouches for the outstanding quality and longevity of the product, now marketed under the MTU Onsite Energy brand. Servicing of the emergency genset is performed by MTU service partner A.R. Albisher & Z. Alkazemi Company either every six months or following 250 hours' operation.  A further 5 years of operation is still planned for the genset, BMB Kuwait provides the maintenance. After this time, there are plans to renew the whole building.  

Standby power for lighting and smoke alarms
In the event of a prolonged power outage at the Ministry, the genset will ensure that the building stays illuminated and will also back up the function of the building's emergency systems which include smoke alarms, fire-extinguishing pumps and ventilators.

Extreme climatic conditions
All ministerial departments - over 12,000 people work in the building - benefit from the genset's standby power in the event of an emergency. Located in the basement of the building complex, another interesting fact about the genset is the unusual climatic conditions that is has to cope with.  With 100% air humidity and temperatures up to 50° in summer and below freezing in winter, Kuwait weather is extreme.

Besides the country's Ministry of Finance, other ministries and state institutions are also housed in the complex, as are various banks and private enterprises that provide services to local citizens and expatriates living and working in Kuwait.

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