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Crane lifts 67-ton powerhouse: MTU's most powerful genset ever arrives at Lake Constance waterworks

3/18/2015 | Words: Silke Rockenstein | Pictures: Robert Hack, Bodenseewasserversorgung


A special haulage truck brought a brand new MTU Onsite Energy genset to the premises of the Lake Constance Water Supply Authority. The genset is to extend the Authority's existing emergency power plant whose job it is to safeguard the drinking water supply to the four million inhabitants of Baden-Württemberg should a power outage occur. The genset, which is 9 m long, is capable of 6,500 kW mechanical output and it is the most powerful ever to have been built by MTU, the Rolls-Royce Power Systems subsidiary.

The 'powerhouse' was assembled at MTU Plant 2 in Friedrichshafen and put through its paces on the test stand there. It is based on a high-speed 20V Series 956 TB34 diesel engine from MTU whose power output is almost 5% higher than its forerunners. The 67-ton genset made its journey from Friedrichshafen to the Sipplinger Berg waterworks located some 35 km away by haulage truck. A mobile crane then lifted it off the truck and onto air cushion units from which it was moved into the new building using winches. Following installation, the genset is scheduled to go into service in mid-May.

The Lake Constance Water Supply Authority has had an emergency power plant in place since 1986 to safeguard the supply of drinking water to the 181 local water boards it serves in Baden-Württemberg. The existing plant on the Sipplinger Berg is based on two MTU gensets. The new genset will raise the available emergency power from 8.8 to 15.3 MW. David Stüble, head of the Sipplinger Berg waterworks, said: "More available power in emergency mode also means much more available drinking water. With Lake Constance as our reliable water supplier and this emergency power plant, the Water Supply Authority will simply not fail in a critical situation."


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