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Emergency gensets for pharmaceutical company

6/28/2018 | Words: Nina Felicitas Kunzi | Pictures: Abdi Ibrahim, MTU Onsite Energy


Turkish pharmaceutical industry leader Abdi Ibrahim relies on MTU Onsite Energy in its production operations. In the event of a power failure at the production site in Istanbul, three diesel gensets from MTU Onsite Energy are ready and waiting to make sure that there is no disruption to Abdi Ibrahim's biotech drug manufacturing operations. 

Two DS1100D5S emergency gensets are installed in the factory hall where bio-medical products are manufactured, each based on a 16-cylinder MTU Series 2000 unit delivering 1,100 kVA. The containerized DS2000D5S emergency genset delivers 2,010 kVA and safeguards the power supply to the regular production line. This genset is based on a 12V 4000 diesel engine from MTU. 

Abdi Ibrahim employs nearly 4,500 members of staff and in the event of a power outage they are absolutely dependent on reliable emergency capabilities to ensure that they achieve their potential production output of 565 million units per year. In the event of a power outage, the MTU Onsite Energy gensets are capable of coming on stream within 10 seconds. "We're not only convinced that generator sets carrying the MTU Onsite Energy brand offer the highest technological and quality standards, but are completely confident in the customer service that MTU Turkey provides," said Murat Boru, Purchasing Supervisor at Abdi Ibrahim. The pharmaceutical company has been using emergency gensets for 20 years and has been an MTU Onsite Energy customer since 2016.

Abdi Ibrahim is one of Turkey's leading pharmaceutical groups and has production facilities in Istanbul as well as Algeria and Kazakhstan. Its center for R&D, production and packaging is located at its headquarters in Istanbul.  

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