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South Africa: MTU Onsite Energy Rentals

4/7/2015 | Words: Yvonne Wirth | Pictures: Jozi Power

Jozi Power, containerized genset

Jozi Power has been using MTU engines for its containerized genset rental business in Africa since 2007. Traditionally Jozi Power used third party packagers to build their gensets into containers. Now, for the first time, a contract was finalized in mid-March for MTU Onsite Energy to supply five fully assembled container gensets powered by MTU 16V 4000 G63 engines. Each of the gensets will supply 1.7 MW. “For the first time, we are now supplying Jozi Power directly with complete system solutions. The supply of container gensets that we have manufactured ourselves marks another milestone,” said Philipp von Arnim, Team Leader, PowerStations Sales at MTU Onsite Energy. “This is yet another vote of confidence in the systems expertise that MTU Onsite Energy can deliver.”

Fleet powered exclusively by MTU engines
The rental facilities available from Jozi Power already include an exclusive fleet of MTU engines. The African company growing fleet is able to rent out more than 50MW based on Series 1600, 2000 and 4000 drive units. The company keeps stock of power stations to ensure it can provide a rapid response to customer needs.
The new rental gensets will operate mainly in mining applications until the consumers are either connected to the national grid or are no longer required. “The gensets usually operate at the end-user’s site for two or three years,” recounted von Arnim. “Jozi normally mobilises several gensets to their clients, who typically needs between 10 and 25 MW of power.” The scenario is different for every project. Some customers might provide no more than an area cleared for installation whilst others can offer an infrastructure with power connections and fuel tanks. Leslie Dann, managing director of Jozi Power commented, “Fuel efficiency and 24/7 reliability are of paramount importance in our main market, being the power supplier for remote mines. Our investment in MTU technology stands us in good stead to achieve these goals.”

Power throughout Africa
Jozi Power is Africa-focused and has used their MTU-based fleet in mines in South Africa, Namibia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sierra Leone and Liberia. Gensets alone obviously do not constitute an entire supply system and for that reason, Jozi Power also supplies auxiliary elements such as fuel tanks, transformers and monitoring systems. Mobility and flexibility are key factors for success here. “Right now, at a time when energy providers in Africa are often unable to meet demand, the business model offered by Jozi Power is extremely popular and we are very pleased to be able to work closely with them to provide the support they need,” said von Arnim.

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