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New applications for MTU Onsite Energy diesel gensets

11/4/2014 | Words: Yvonne Wirth | Pictures: MTU Onsite Energy


MTU Onsite Energy now has four new application categories for its diesel engines and gensets built for 50-Hz power generation. These are 'Mission Critical Power', 'Data Center Continuous Power''Standby Power with Overload' and 'Grid Stability Power'. The new segments enhance the three applications hitherto available ('Standby Power', 'Prime Power' and 'Continuous Power') in accordance with market demands.  “This move enables MTU Onsite Energy to provide its customers with specific solutions that are more precisely tailored to their needs”, said Dr Michael Haidinger, Chief Sales Officer of Rolls-Royce Power Systems.  

Emergency gensets for 'Mission Critical Power' meet the ISO DIN 6280-13 standard and are mainly used in public facilities such as hospitals and airports, or at major public events where a power outage would endanger public safety. 

The second application: 'Data Center Continuous Power' is for customers requiring gensets to serve major computing centers.  These are likewise used to provide standby power in the event of power grid failure and meet the Tier lll and Tier lV requirements of the Uptime Institute in the US.

Gensets for 'Standby Power with Overload' applications can be operated with up to 10% overload when, for example, voltage fluctuations or peak demands need to be compensated in standby operation.  They are suitable for use in industrial plants or residential complexes, among others.

Gensets deployed for 'Grid Stability Power' contribute to the stability of the public power grid.  They are particularly used when renewable energy sources such as photo-voltaic arrays or wind farms fail or need back-up during peak load times. 

Customers interested in further details are welcome to visit the MTU Onsite Energy website at: http://www.mtuonsiteenergy.com/products/diesel-generator-sets/

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