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Quiet, compact and efficient: Rolls-Royce introduces new MTU Onsite Energy genset

1/14/2015 | Words: Mirko Gutemann | Pictures: MTU

Series 2000, Genset, 50Hz

Rolls-Royce is introducing an MTU Onsite Energy genset based on the new 12, 16 and 18-cylinder versions of the Series 2000 engine. The gensets will produce between 750 and 1,400 kVA (600 and 1,120 kWe) and by using redesigned versions of the Series 2000 engine will offer an output range roughly 12% larger than the previous product. The diesel engines have been redesigned by MTU specifically for power generation applications.

The highly advanced diesel engines in the new generator sets are the result of many years of development. They are equipped with a common-rail high-pressure fuel-injection system and more space-saving air filters and outlets. The new engine management module (ECU9) used by the gensets has a larger RAM and a processor four times faster than its predecessor. ”The new genset is quieter, more compact and more efficient than the models previously available in this output class,” explains Matthias Vogel, Head of Power Generation Business at MTU Onsite Energy. ”Our aim is to have the right solutions available for the client's individual energy requirements. The new genset gives us precisely that capability.“

The genset is available in the versions MTU 18V 2000 DS, MTU 16V 2000 DS and MTU 12V 2000 DS in the 50Hz markets in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. It is initially being offered for standby, prime and continuous power applications and from the middle of 2015 for other applications such as ‘data center continuous power’, i.e. specifically for clients who require generators in computer centers. MTU Onsite Energy is also offering the new MTU 18V 2000 DS genset for the 60Hz regions and the 50Hz regions in South America.

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