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Emergency Power for Chinese Data Center

12/4/2017 | Words: Veronika Höber/ Silke Rockenstein | Pictures: MTU


At the end of October 2017, Tianjin Pauway Power Equipment Co., Ltd commissioned an emergency power supply system consisting of ten 20-cylinder MTU Series 4000 engines for a new data centre operated by Internet Service Provider Sinnet in the eastern district of Beijing. The emergency gensets are designed to ensure that Sinnet‘s data will not stop flowing even in the event of power failure. They ensure continuous power supply within seconds after such an event. 

Andreas Görtz, Head of Power Generation Business at Rolls-Royce Power Systems, said: “Rolls-Royce Power Systems is one of the few suppliers worldwide, whose expertise and product quality in emergency diesel engines has made it one of the preferred partners for operators of large and system critical data centres”. 

This is also the case for the Chinese Internet Service Provider Sinnet: the company operates a total of eight data centres at the highest technical level. The most recent of them, which is located in a large industrial area in East Beijing, is expected to begin operations end of 2017. The company has 1,220 server cabinets on an area of over 11,000 square metres, which have to be protected in the event of power failure.
High availability prevents expensive data loss 
To this end, Rolls-Royce has supplied ten 20V 4000 MTU engines for emergency diesel gensets, each with an electrical output of 2,000 kW. The gensets are installed at a height of 33 metres on the roof of the data centre in Beijing. They are supplied with diesel stored in eight underground tanks, which places high demands on the fuel supply system.

Including the new location in Beijing, this will now be the fourth time Sinnet has equipped one of its data centres with emergency diesel gensets from Pauway, powered by MTU engines. 

Hao Liu, President at Pauway, said: “For us, the high availability and reliability are the most decisive factors for choosing MTU engines. Our customers depend on us ensuring that the data flow is maintained at all times – even a power outage must not lead to any disruption or impairment of our service whatsoever.” The ten engines were delivered to Beijing in August. 

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