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First genset for Argentina

2/25/2016 | Words: Yvonne Wirth | Pictures: Alimentos Magros

Argentina, MTU Onsite Energy, Alimentos Magros

MTU Onsite Energy is proud of its Argentinian credentials: it recently won its first order for a genset destined for Argentina, to be used for power generation in the manufacture of meat products. The agricultural association Alimentos Magros is Argentina's biggest meat producer and purchaser of the new genset. "Our container solution, the personal service provided by our local sales partner Detroit Argentina, and of course the very high electrical efficiency of >39% were significant points in our favor that greatly impressed the customer", said Juan Carlos Mejia Pinto, responsible for sales support and development in Latin America at MTU Onsite Energy. Subsequently supplied to Argentina by MTU Onsite Energy in Ruhstorf was a Series 400 containerized biogas genset delivering 400 kW.

Trigeneration plant for sausage production
The containerized genset from MTU Onsite Energy works on what is known as the CCHP or Combined Cooling, Heat and Power principle. Alimentos Magros uses the engine to provide energy for manufacturing its pork-meat products, which are made according to European recipes. Heat from the engine's exhaust gases is also transformed into cooling energy by adsorption chillers for refrigerating the products. Fresh water is needed to clean large areas of the pig farm, so waste heat from the engine can be recovered to heat it up. Alimentos Magros is Argentina's biggest manufacturer of meat products, sold in supermarkets throughout the country under the brand name 'Magret'. Alimentos Magros also secures the fine quality of its products by feeding its pigs itself. The MTU Onsite Energy genset is to go into service from May 2016.

Solid decision
To make sure that it purchased the best possible trigeneration plant to cover its needs, Alimentos Magros engaged the services of engineering and building consultant Tecnored. "We recommended MTU Onsite Energy to Alimentos Magros primarily for its local after-sales service, personal consultation, and solution for full heat recovery," explained Horacio Pinasco, Managing Director from Technored. MTU's long-standing engineering heritage was also important to Alimentos Magros: "MTU showed great readiness to respond to our needs. The quality, reliability and high overall efficiency of their biogas engines speaks for itself," said Dr Julian Echazarreta from Alimentos Magros. Once the genset is in operation, the meat factory will use it as a reference during factory tours, especially for showcasing its trigeneration capabilities.

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