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Combined Heat and Power for dairy production

12/3/2014 | Words: Marcel Rothmund | Pictures: Robert Hack

8V Series 4000, CHP module

Milk, cheese and yoghurt production at the Kalinkavichy Dairy Combine in Kalinkavichy, Belarus, now takes place using a CHP module from MTU Onsite Energy. The module is based on an 8V Series 4000 GS engine and delivers 772 kVA of electrical power and 800 kW of heat. The thermal power is used by the dairy for heating water and the factory hall, and the process steam produced by the heat recovery plant is used for evaporating and drying the whey which is then used to make cheese and other products. Apart from milk, cheese and yoghurt, the dairy also produces kefir, sour cream and cottage cheese which is supplied not only to countries in eastern Europe, but as far afield as the Philippines and North Africa.

Its new CHP module is enabling the Kalinkavichy Dairy Combine to save some 1.5 million euros per year.  Heat and power can be obtained much more cost-effectively from the CHP module than from the public grid with central heating plant.  The first CHP module is to go into service at the end of November 2014, and supply of a second MTU Onsite Energy cogeneration module with adsorption chillers is planned. These will be used for air-conditioning in the factory hall. The electrical power generated by the second module is to be deployed in a neighbouring cheese factory that runs independently of the Kalinkavichy dairy.

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