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Combined heat and power unit for deconstruction of a nuclear power station

3/11/2014 | Words: Marcel Rothmund | Pictures: Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG


MTU Onsite Energy Gas Power Systems supplied a combined heat and power unit (CHP) incorporating a 20-cylinder Series 4000 engine to E.ON. The CHP has been operational since the end of January. Running on natural gas it delivers some 1,999 kW of electrical energy. This is needed in support of planned deconstruction of the Unterweser nuclear power station in Lower Saxony. As a consequence of the Fukushima reactor disaster, the nuclear power station is now one of seven in Germany that is to be deconstructed. This is far from easy and requires a lot of energy. Since the nuclear power station is no longer allowed to produce power itself, operator E.ON opted for a combined heat and power unit from MTU Onsite Energy.

 "We chose MTU Onsite Energy because, we have had close ties with MTU Friedrichshafen for years because of our seven diesel-powered emergency generators," says Project Manager Dr Uwe Werner from E.ON NPP. A lot of the energy required for deconstruction is needed for the ventilation systems of the reactor and auxiliary systems facilities, and for decontamination equipment, for example. The combined heat and power unit now supplies this energy. It also produces 2,200 kW of heat energy which is used to heat the power station's buildings. The combined heat and power unit achieves an efficiency of about 86%.

Previously, oil-fired systems produced over 12,000 kW of heat energy for the nuclear power station's heating and evaporation systems. However, the amount of energy required has fallen, and operating the heating systems at low power would not be economical. The combined heat and power unit now provides most of the power required for the deconstruction as well as the necessary heat. The operator can therefore reduce costs, since there is no need to buy power and no need for the old oil-fired heating system.

MTU Onsite Energy Gas Power Systems delivered the combined heat and power unit to the customer as a complete system. At the site, the MTU Onsite Energy mechanics assembled the system and then connected the exhaust gas system and the 32-meter-high smokestack. Equipment includes an exhaust gas heat exchanger, an exhaust silencer and a cooler. It will produce power and heat for the deconstruction of the nuclear power station for the next 10 to 15 years until only green fields remain.

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