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New CHP plant for thermal baths in Gaggenau

7/8/2014 | Words: Silke Rockenstein | Pictures: Stadtwerke Gaggenau

CHP plant, Gaggenau, Germany, natural gas modules GC 240 N5

Since mid-April, a new compact cogeneration plant (CHP) from MTU Onsite Energy run by the local public utility company has been supplying heat and electricity to the Rotherma thermal baths in Gaggenau, southern Germany. Two GC 240 N5 modules powered by natural gas have replaced the original MTU plant installed in 1991 that clocked up over 100,000 operating hours. Electrical power up to 240 Kw and thermal power up to 371 kW is delivered by each module. At times of peak demand, a boiler is available to cover additional heat requirements. The MTU Onsite Energy supply scope included the module control system, process control, connecting equipment, and two gas trains. Also included in the order was disassembly by MTU of the existing plant and installation of the new CHP modules. 

With its highly effective combined heat and power function, the plant achieves an overall efficiency of almost 92%. That enables a drastic reduction in greenhouse gases. In Germany, the amount of energy generated using CHP technology is to grow to 25% of total production by 2020. A few European countries, such as Denmark, the Netherlands and Finland, already produce 35 to 50 percent of their electrical power using this technology. In Germany, it is primarily local power providers such as the public utility company in Gaggenau, who lead the way in propagating CHP. MTU Onsite Energy counts some 100 energy providers among its customers.

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