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Heat and power for hospital in Radebeul

6/20/2017 | Words: Katharina Dietrich | Pictures: Elblandklinik Radebeul

Power Generation, MTU Onsite Energy, Gas power systems

The Elbland clinic in Radebeul is upgrading its facilities and is to install a state-of-the art CHP module from MTU Onsite Energy in Augsburg. The CHP module based on a 12-cylinder Series 400 gas engine from MTU is to replace the hospital's existing plant, which has been in service since the mid-1990s. The module is to provide heat and power to some 315 patient rooms. 

The rebuild order was placed by the hospital with Elbtal, the local public utility, who decided in favour of a CHP module from MTU Onsite Energy. It will deliver 240 kW of electrical power and has a thermal output of 381 kW, which means that almost two-thirds of the hospital's heat and electricity requirements can be covered. And with overall efficiency of 93.1%, the clinic will operate much more cost-effectively than before. 

Annett Müller-Bühren, head of the Elbtal public utility said, “We won't be paying grid charges for these kilowatt hours, so the heat and power we obtain from our MTU Onsite Energy unit will be much cheaper. Furthermore, our new plant will emit 600 tons less C02 per year than our previous one, which will considerably improve our environmental credentials. MTU Onsite Energy is a world market leader in the field of cogeneration and we are delighted to be working with them on realizing this project.” 

The MTU 12V Series 400 genset is scheduled for delivery in August 2017 and for commissioning in October. The project is being promoted within the framework of German legislation on the 'Preservation, Modernization and Development of Combined Heat and Power Generation Plant' (CHP Act). This act provides for the promotion of CHP technology (modules and power stations) through, for example, higher supplements for energy generated using CHP.

MTU Onsite Energy supplies gas or biogas CHP modules for power outputs from 135 to 2,535 kW.

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