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Heating, cooling and power for Bavarian Osram plant

6/29/2015 | Words: Caren-Malina Butscher | Pictures: Gammel Engineering

MTU 16V Series 4000 L 64

A trigeneration gas genset from MTU Onsite Energy has been in service at the Osram plant in Eichstätt since January 2015. The system boasts low emissions and high efficiency and keeps the lighting manufacturer supplied with electrical power, heat and cooling. The trigeneration module from MTU Onsite Energy in Augsburg is based on a 16V Series 4000 L64 engine and delivers 1999 kW of electrical power and around 1900 kW of heat.

The new plant does more than the conventional cogeneration module for combined heat and power (CHP). In winter, it provides heat for the production halls and in summer cools the machine control and laser systems.  This is thanks to an absorption refrigerator, which was installed to convert the process heat into cooling power. Generating cooling power in times of low heat demand enhances the capacity utilization of the plant. The process heat delivered by the plant covers a large part of the factory's heating requirements. The gas genset is scheduled for service some 8,000 hours per year and boasts 44.3% electrical and 86% overall efficiency. All of the electrical power is fed into the on-site power network. Gammel Engineering was responsible for overall planning and project development.

Osram is one of the world's leading lighting manufacturers, with headquarters in Munich. Its Eichstätt location plays a major role in halogen lamp production. Apart from halogen lamps for normal lighting in buildings, Eichstätt also supplies car lamps and xenon short-arc lamps for use in cinemas.

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