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MTU Onsite Energy supplies six Black Start Diesel Gensets to gas turbine power plant in Kuwait

3/31/2015 | Words: Silke Rockenstein | Pictures: MTU Onsite Energy

20V 4000 MTU engine

Some 100 km north of Kuwait City, the State of Kuwait, Ministry of Electricity and Water is building a new gas turbine power plant. Able to deliver 500 MW, it will shortly contribute to enhancing electrical power generation capacities in the state. 

MTU Onsite Energy has supplied six black start diesel gensets for the project. These are emergency gensets that guarantee in the event of a power outage that the firing system and control electronics of the plant's two gas turbines are fed electrical power within just 15 seconds, thus enabling them to ramp up reliably. Ambient conditions in Kuwait – i.e. temperatures occasionally exceeding 50°C, 30% relative humidity, and the generally dusty and sandy atmosphere, have placed tough demands on the technology. This is why containerized gensets are being used, based on 20-cylinder Series 4000 units from MTU, each delivering 2,700 kVA. MTU distributor AR Albisher and Z Alkazemi was responsible for the design, engineering, procurement and installation of the six containerized Black Start units.

The new gas turbines expand 'Sabiya', Kuwait's existing power generation and water distillation plant, as part of a move by the Kuwait government to better meet constantly increasing power demands in the state.  


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