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MTU emergency power for the bright minds of Luxembourg

7/3/2015 | Words: Yvonne Wirth | Pictures: Fonds Belval

16V 4000 engine, 18V 2000 engine

From July, the new Maison du nombre building of the University of Luxembourg in Esch-sur-Alzette will house emergency gensets from MTU. Two gensets equipped with 16V Series 4000 diesel engines and one equipped with an 18V Series 2000 engine will deliver electric power of 4,750 kW in total. The energy center of the university is located in the second basement level. 'This is where heating and cooling is produced for the Maison du nombre and neighboring buildings. The MTU gensets are responsible for the emergency power supply so that students can continue to be taught in case of a blackout,' explained Alain Osuch from the Energolux company based in Luxembourg. The new building comprises the data center, a cooling center and the institutes of mathematics and computer science. 

Special design
The appearance of the Maison du nombre also reflects the precision of the mathematics discipline: It is clearly structured in the form of the letter 'L'. In sharp contrast to the Maison du nombre stands the new art and students house which consists of a wooden cube encased in a transparent membrane.

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