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Modular structure

11/11/2016 | Words: Yvonne Wirth | Pictures: MTU Onsite Energy

Series 400

An electrical genset made up of one a construction kit? Is that even possible? Yes. And this is exactly the principle that MTU has applied in further development of its upgraded Series 400 gas engine. Whether the need for just a genset or a genset equipped with a heat cabinet, perhaps an exhaust gas heat exchanger on top, the new Series 400 design brings much greater flexibility in terms of application and can satisfy the wishes of all customers. From the small biogas farm to the medium-sized industrial business, the right configuration can be put together – including combinations with an overall efficiency rating up to 90%.

New design
Series 400 gas engines deliver 120 to 420 kW, but take up less space and are much easier to service. “Another feature is for example the additional oil tank capacity integrated directly into the genset which allows longer oil change intervals as part of scheduled maintenance, with no need to interrupt operation for a refill,” explained Frank Sonntag, Series 400 project manager at MTU Onsite Energy in Augsburg. “With this tank, the customer saves space, since no additional unit is needed externally.” The Series 400 gas engine is currently available as a 12-cylinder version and can run on natural gas.

Series 400 basic scope with heat cabinet

The Series 400 unit can be used for straightforward power generation or for combined heat and power generation. Three modular configurations are available: the basic version is solely for electrical power generation. This basic version plus a heat cabinet is used when the heat in the engine cooling water is to be harnessed. The third configuration is the basic unit with heat cabinet and exhaust heat exchanger, which additionally enables the heat from the exhaust gas to be utilized – an interesting proposition for supplying power to urban areas or industry. So heating can be made available to residential areas or factories. Acoustic enclosures are a further option available to customers.

Series 400 basic scope with heat cabinet and
exhaust gas heat exchanger

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