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Onsite Energy Cogeneration Plant takes Podium Place

1/21/2016 | Words: Caren-Malina Butscher | Pictures: Osram


An MTU Onsite Energy gas-fuelled genset has taken the coveted “CHP of the Year 2015” award. The combined cooling, heating and power plant took first place in a field of eleven candidates. The low-emission system supplies lighting company Osram's plant in Eichstätt, Bavaria with cooling, heating and electrical power. An expert panel from the Federation of Cogeneration Associations (B.KWK) selected the CHP from a total of eleven plants previously presented as “CHP of the Month” in the January to November 2015 issues of the “Energy & Management” journal. Gammel Engineering from Abensberg, Lower Bavaria, designed and managed the building of the combined cooling, heating and power plant (CCHP) and took the award for best cogeneration system of 2015.

Significant contribution to the energy- and eco-efficiency of the site
The 16V 4000 L64 gas-engine genset manufactured by MTU Onsite Energy Gas Power Systems in Augsburg delivers 1999 kilowatts of electrical power and around 1900 kilowatts of heating power. Analysing previous load profiles at the site enabled engineering consultants Gammel to calculate future demand based on strategic development of the company. And the powerhouse can do a lot more than just generate heat and power (CHP): It delivers heat for the production buildings in the winter while cooling machine controllers and lasers in the summertime. This is realized by a newly installed absorption chiller, which replaces 32 electrically-driven compression refrigerators distributed around the works, making a significant contribution to the energy- and eco-efficiency of the site. Moreover, deriving the cold from warm water enhances utilization of the cogeneration plant when the demand for heat is low. This also impressed the judges. 

8000 hours of full utilization per annum
The heat generated by the genset covers the heating requirements of the factory for the most part. The gas-fuelled genset totals over 8000 hours of full utilization per annum. Electrical efficiency is 44.3 percent and overall efficiency lies around 86 percent. All the generated power is fed into the factory grid. In this way, the company produces and consumes some 16 million kWh of electricity, equivalent to around half its own annual needs – just another aspect that swayed the panel. Utilizing the plant to such a high degree generates half of the power, 91 percent of the heating energy and 73 percent of the cooling capacity consumed in production at Eichstätt.

Headquartered in Munich, Osram is a world-leading lighting manufacturer which can look back on a history of over 100 years. The company's product portfolio ranges from high-tech applications based on semi-conductor technology, such as infrared or laser, to intelligent networked lighting solutions for buildings and entire cities. Dating back to 1962, the works in Eichstätt mainly manufactures halogen lamps, but also lamps for cinemas and the automotive sector, and energy-saving LED illuminants.

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