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Rolls-Royce launches new MTU Onsite Energy compact generator sets featuring converted On-Highway engines

8/21/2015 | Words: Gary Mason | Pictures: MTU


MANKATO, MINN., U.S.A – Rolls-Royce today announced the availability of new generator sets from MTU Onsite Energy with a power output range of 80-200 kWe and featuring Mercedes-Benz engines.

The new 4R0120 and 6R0120 generator sets, containing Mercedes-Benz OM924LA and OM926LA diesel engines, respectively, represent the first time these proven on-highway engines have been adapted for power generation applications.

These compact products allow MTU Onsite Energy customers to achieve greater performance and reliability than was previously available at lower power nodes. MTU Onsite Energy is part of Rolls-Royce Power Systems within the Land & Sea division of Rolls-Royce.

Additional features of the generator sets include:

• Engines equipped with EPA Tier 3 electronic fuel systems
• New rear or side-facing control panel
• New weatherproof base and enclosure
Engineered for Excellence
MTU Onsite Energy’s 80-200 kWe product line is the result of a three-year collaboration between MTU Onsite Energy and Daimler AG. Taking an on-highway engine predominantly used in Mercedes-Benz and Freightliner medium-duty trucks and buses, the engineering team at MTU Onsite Energy converted the engine for use in an off-highway power generation application for the first time. 

Following the on- to off-highway diesel engine conversion, the complete generator sets were subjected to runtime endurance tests. For nearly three months, the generator sets operated for 24 hours a day while enduring wide load ranges and weather conditions. During the rigorous testing, each generator set was run on an automated load bank that incorporated strenuous load steps, including a 0 per cent  to 100 per cent load demand step every hour throughout the 2,000-hour runtime period. Additionally, the generator sets were tested in temperatures ranging from -31° F (-35° C) to 75° F (24° C).

The new compact units performed as expected, demonstrating high efficiency and superb reliability.

“These new generator sets are designed to provide customers with the excellence in product performance, quality and efficiency that they expect from MTU Onsite Energy,” said Al Prosser, director of sales at MTU Onsite Energy. “This advanced optimization within the 80 to 200 kWe power range is a true reflection of our ongoing dedication to meeting the needs of our customers.”

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