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Rolls-Royce provides power generation solutions to telecom industry and data centers in China

7/23/2015 | Words: Peter Knoop | Pictures: MTU


MTU Onsite Energy has received significant orders for the delivery of MTU Series 4000 diesel engines. The units will be used primarily for standby power generation for two of China’s booming market segments: telecommunications and data centers. The MTU Onsite Energy brand is part of Rolls-Royce Power Systems within the Land & Sea division of Rolls-Royce. 

With the exponential growth in China’s network connectivity and number of smartphone users, Chinese telecom companies increasingly require greater infrastructure reliability to service their hundreds of millions of subscribers as well as the standby power generation capable of keeping calls connected in the event that main power sources are compromised.  Likewise, China’s expansion of their data centers in the financial, governmental, and cloud services sectors amplifies the country’s need for continuous power to ensure utmost reliability 365 days a year and safeguard against interruptions in operations, which could lead to data loss and financial harm.

MTU Onsite Energy fulfils these needs for uninterrupted service by providing complete solutions based on verified product design, quality and performance integrity, ensuring standby power is supplied as quickly as possible at low investment cost.

“The success of MTU Onsite Energy in China is the result of a long-term relationship with our Chinese partners and the extraordinary work of the Onsite Energy sales teams in Hong Kong and Shanghai,” said Mr. Heinz Bruckmann, Director of Sales & Sales Engineering, Asia & Pacific. “We are committed to the power generation market in China and will continue to supply our partners with the right products to meet their evolving needs.”

This latest generation of MTU Series 4000 diesel engines delivers high operational availability and is engineered for maximum reliability.  With a robust design and optimal fuel consumption, MTU Series 4000 diesel engines cover a power range from 1,190 kW to 3,490 kW and are available in 12V, 16V and 20V-cylinder versions.  They provide quick response to secure operations and are certified at an industry-leading 85 percent average load factor for standby applications, significantly higher than the 70 percent average load factor required by ISO 8528.

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