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South African Premiere

5/4/2016 | Words: Wolfgang Stolba | Pictures: MTU South Africa


Four combined generation plants from MTU Onsite Energy recently went into operation supplying electricity and cooling power for two new data centers belonging to South African telecommunications company Mobile Telephone Networks Limited (MTN) near Johannesburg. MTU Onsite Energy supplied a total of four plants generating cooling, heating and electric power for the project: one plant for a data center in Doornfontein and three others at a different location in Newlands. At the heart of the plants is one 12V 4000 genset with 1,169 kWe capacity and three 16V 4000 gensets capable of 1,712 kWe each. This is the first time Series 4000 gas engines have gone into service in South Africa and so far, the units have been operated in limited service mode. Final completion is scheduled before the end of 2016. The plants will be maintained and serviced by personnel from MTU South Africa (Pty) Ltd, the local representatives of MTU Onsite Energy, Augsburg.

Combined cooling, heat and power: A generator (on the left of the
Series 4000 gas engine) supplies electric power. In addition, exhaust gas
from the engine is routed upward through a pipeline to an exhaust gas heat
exchanger or refrigerating unit. In the heat recuperation cabinet to the right of the engine,
heat is extracted from the engine cooling water and is likewise then fed to a refrigerating unit.
The resulting cooling power is used to cool the MTN servers.

Series 4000 gas engines have gone into service in South Africa for the first time
Project Leader Georg Herz at Augsburg said the distributed gas gensets will supply reliable, long-term power for MTN’s high-performance servers. Demand for electricity in South Africa regularly exceeds the available capacity. Supply reliability and economic efficiency are therefore major factors together with the ability of these plants to deliver ecologically sound energy, particularly in comparison to hard coal which is the country’s primary source of energy.

The first gas-powered Series 4000 gensets in South Africa are now
in operation. Colleagues from MTU Onsite Energy in Augsburg and
MTU South Africa in Cape Town were responsible
for the achievement.

The plants also convert exhaust heat from the engines into cooling power to maintain proper working temperatures for the servers in South Africa’s hot climate. The compression performance of the turbochargers on the gas engines is also specially adapted to match the location of the data centers at an altitude of 1,700 meters. Gas is an extremely cost-effective alternative to diesel-powered gensets and, as a rule, distributed power generation provides a cheaper solution than energy available from public sources in South Africa. The gensets in this project operate on natural gas. Plans are also underway to utilize low-methane gas from coalmines and a genset with a specially adapted engine is likewise available for this application.

In addition to the gas gensets MTU Onsite Energy also supplied
a complete monitoring and control system.

Biogas and hybrid technology
Alongside these solutions, Business Development Manager, Cane O’Neil, from MTU South Africa also envisages promising future opportunities involving the joint use of solar power. Mr O’Neil made the following statement: "This will enable us to keep our overall power output at the same level, but lower the share needed from the gas gensets, enabling a reduction in their fuel consumption." A suitable concept is currently being developed.

Furthermore, MTU Onsite Energy received an order for the first biogas project, involving two Type 8V 4000 L32 FB engines. This is the first order for biogas gensets with Series 4000 within Africa. The genset will be used for the energy supply in the agricultural sector in South Africa

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