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Three Questions for… Christoph Bendzko about the 8-cylinder 4000 gas engine

4/17/2015 | Words: Silke Rockenstein | Pictures: MTU

MTU 8V 4000

1. The centerpiece of MTU Onsite Energy’s stand at the 2015 Hanover Trade Fair is the new 8-cylinder 4000 gas engine. Which applications and performance range has this new unit in the series been designed for?

The engines will be fitted in distributed power generation systems bearing the MTU Onsite Energy brand. Systems producing both power and heat will generate between 1,012 and 2,535 kWel and are available in 8, 12, 16 and 20-cylinder configurations. They will go into operation as power-only gensets in distributed power plants or as modules in Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plants producing both electricity and heating energy for buildings, residential developments and industrial complexes.

2. How does the new engine differ from its predecessors?

Optimized combustion and enhanced mixture technology mean that this new engine generation can deliver up to 44.3% electrical efficiency. In addition, these units achieve an increase of up to 30% in electric power. This advanced generation of Series 4000 engines allows higher mean pressures that facilitate maximum efficiency. The modified version of MTU’s own electronically optimized controller platform ensures improved control quality and simplifies application technology. The redesigned single-stage turbocharging concept allows increased pressure ratios with two-stage mixture cooling. These innovations mean that natural gas can be used even more efficiently to generate electricity and heat. These advanced-design engines retain their accustomed reliability and durability despite increases in power and efficiency so that it has been possible to maintain the period up to major overhaul at 63,000 hours.

3. What is special about the Hanover Trade Fair for you?

For us, the Hanover Trade Fair is a significant event in the power generation sector that is based on gas engine systems. Visitors here demonstrate a very keen interest in MTU Onsite Energy products and, most significantly, this event is popular with major customers from both industry and the municipal sector. The international character of the event is obviously another vital element.

Christoph Bendzko  is Senior Manager Strategic Development at MTU Onsite Energy GmbH Gas Power Systems.

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