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Electric power and heat for the world’s largest indoor water park

4/25/2017 | Words: Silke Rockenstein | Pictures: Tropical Islands and MTU

MTU Onsite Energy, Berlin, Brandenburg, Tropical Islands, CHP, Series 4000 gas 

Two CHP plants from MTU Onsite Energy have been supplying heat and power since the end of 2016 to most of the Tropical Islands theme park in Brandenburg, close to Berlin. According to the Guinness World Records 2017, it is the world’s largest indoor water park. The free-standing dome of the Tropical Islands, built originally as an airship hangar, covers an area of 66,000 square metres, which is approximately equivalent to 9 football fields. The dome has a height of 107 metres and could house the Statue of Liberty.

The Tropical Islands holiday resort is where the Asia-Pacific region, Africa and South America come together and offer guests the possibility of holidays with an overnight stay. The “Tropical Sea” is as large as three Olympic swimming pools and has a 200 metre long sandy beach. To keep the air temperature at a constant 26°Celsius and water temperatures at 28 and 32°C, two CHP plants from MTU Onsite Energy are in operation around the clock. They are based on two 8-cylinder MTU Series 4000 gas engines. With an operational availability of 97 per cent, they deliver a total thermal output of 2,060 kilowatts and an electrical output of 1,698 kilowatts.

The CHP plants are based on two 8-cylinder MTU Series 4000 gas engines.

“MTU Onsite Energy was able to replace the previous plant with a new combined power plant on schedule at the beginning of the year, after just two months construction time,” said Sven Zumkley, Senior Manager Finance Tropical Islands and Managing Director of EVB GmbH, adding, “With an overall efficiency of 88.2 per cent, the CHP plant since then has been supplying the electric power and some of the heat extremely efficiently, day in, day out.”

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