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Successfully disconnected

Since the end of 2018 Winkelmann has been operating a microgrid at its headquarter in Ahlen.

Why hybrid drives are the future

Hybrid drives connect two worlds: clean travel powered by electric motors and long-distance travel powered by combustion engine technology.

Smarter maintenance

Digital tools and new analytical methods increasingly mean that parts only need servicing when it is actually necessary.

Meth(an)Quest lead project launched

Federal Government to provide funding to industry and science for the use of gas from renewable energy sources in transport and energy supply. 

How do we make... parts smaller?

Engine components are chilled in liquid nitrogen to make them shrink. This makes it easier to install them in the engine.

Electrifying the diesel

Dr. Peter Riegger, head of the Engineering Development Studies unit, on the future of off-highway-propulsion. and drive technology.

Goodbye turbo lag!

Electrically assisted turbocharging to develop engines that deliver increased agility and lower consumption.

The Sound of Silence

The Formula E is the world’s first all-electric motorsport series and it shows for what EVs are capable of doing

Gas engines at sea

The first two mobile gas engines have now been shipped from MTU Friedrichshafen. 

With gas power across Lake Constance

MTU and the local public utility in Constance, Stadtwerke Konstanz, are to test MTU’s new gas engine in a Lake Constance ferry beginning in 2019. 

Fit for the Future

Andreas Schell is the new CEO. Here, he talks about the competitive struggle for the future.

Next Generation on endurance run

Series 4000 for tugs, ferries and supply vessels will be operated for around 650 hours with no significant interruption.

Putting the Puma through its Paces

With its ultra-compact, high-performance MTU PowerPack, the Puma delivers outstanding maneuverability and transport capabilities.

Automatically connected

To ensure a first-rate vehicle interface for a first-rate engine, MTU develops specific automation systems for each application.

Forget the files and tap the app

Huge amounts of information are required to run and maintain complex drive and propulsion systems . MTU supplies this information in digital form.

Original spin

Is it possible to compare a Series 8000 MTU engine with a Series 4000 genset engine? 

Gas engine successfully tested

The new MTU gas marine engine, the first from Rolls-Royce, has already successfully completed 3,000 hours on the test bench.

MTU helps TUfast to victory

Think outside the box, find solutions that transcend the traditional - that is what the design competition is all about.

Happy Birthday

Twenty years ago, Series 4000 and Series 2000 units revolutionized the world of high-speed diesel engines.

An engine for the global market

The Emission Flex Package enables customers to operate engines in countries where very different emission requirements apply.

Staying cool

Excess heat has to be quickly and reliably dissipated via the cooling system. This is a job for which water appears predestined.

Diesel? Gas? Hybrid?

Professor Friedrich Wirz talked to us about how alternative fuels are developing and what the future for shipping is.

How do we make... pipes?

A glimpse into the MTU pipe-making shop reveals that it involves more than just pipe-bending.

Ready for EU Stage V

MTU and Daimler continue co-operation on development of MTU-brand industrial engines.

The racing students

In the Formula Student Germany design competition, university teams form all over the world compete against each other with cars.

How do we make... teeth?

In an engine, gearwheels are important components. At MTU 25 employees manufacture 30,000 gearwheels every year.

Perfect climate

Maximum precision is an absolute imperative at the new measuring facility which recently went into operation in a new building at MTU Friedrichshafen.

Spray-on plaster

Low-pressure cold spraying is a new process used by MTU in the remanufacturing of engine components.

Speedy spares

No matter how good support services are, they are of no use without an effective spare parts supply system.

The city of the future

Driverless cars, new factories inside the city limits and the recycling of construction materials – according to researchers, the everyday life of many city dwellers will continue to change.

How do we make... contact

The wiring is the nerve and motor control system of a genset. The MTU electricians have to connect up as many as 800 such colored cores on every genset.

Universally Unique

From an apparently universally employable Series 4000 to a customized one-off.

Lego for engineers

MTU is developing the world's first high-speed gas-driven diesel engine for marine applications. That's not unlike a game of Lego.

How do we make... shipping crates?

Building shipping crates involves more than just pinning together wooden planks, as an inside look at MTU's joinery shop reveals. 

The brain of the engine

The electronic control unit monitors and controls all the key functions of the engine and the exhaust aftertreatment system.

How do we do... colors?

MTU engines come in whatever color the customer wants. But how are they finished? A look behind the scenes in our paint shop.

New MTU diesel engine oil in India

Shortly, MTU India officially launched a new classification of diesel engine oil, named MTU DEO SAE 40, for series 8000 engines.

How do we make... metal harder?

1,800 revolutions per minute – steel on steel. Only the very hardest of components can take the strain. But how is that hardness achieved?

How do we make control systems

The engine control system is the brain of the engine and manages key functions such as fuel injection, turbocharging and exhaust gas recirculation. 

How do we make... a crankcase?

The crankcase forms has to be able to withstand immense forces. That is why it is built to tolerances of just a few hundredths of a millimeter.

Inconspicuous qualities

MTU supplies specially demagnetized engines for propulsion and on-board power generation on mine-hunting vessels. 

High aspiration

The turbocharger is among the engine's key components and looks like a work of art. Read the facts and figures…

At the limit

MTU engines must be able to withstand the most punishing conditions – and prove it in advance on the test stand.