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How do we make... parts smaller?

Engine components are chilled in liquid nitrogen to make them shrink. This makes it easier to install them in the engine.

Next Generation on endurance run

Series 4000 for tugs, ferries and supply vessels will be operated for around 650 hours with no significant interruption.

How do we make... pipes?

A glimpse into the MTU pipe-making shop reveals that it involves more than just pipe-bending.

How do we make... teeth?

In an engine, gearwheels are important components. At MTU 25 employees manufacture 30,000 gearwheels every year.

Speedy spares

No matter how good support services are, they are of no use without an effective spare parts supply system.

How do we make... contact

The wiring is the nerve and motor control system of a genset. The MTU electricians have to connect up as many as 800 such colored cores on every genset.

How do we make... shipping crates?

Building shipping crates involves more than just pinning together wooden planks, as an inside look at MTU's joinery shop reveals. 

How do we do... colors?

MTU engines come in whatever color the customer wants. But how are they finished? A look behind the scenes in our paint shop.

New MTU diesel engine oil in India

Shortly, MTU India officially launched a new classification of diesel engine oil, named MTU DEO SAE 40, for series 8000 engines.

How do we make... metal harder?

1,800 revolutions per minute – steel on steel. Only the very hardest of components can take the strain. But how is that hardness achieved?

How do we make... a crankcase?

The crankcase forms has to be able to withstand immense forces. That is why it is built to tolerances of just a few hundredths of a millimeter.