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MTu mobile gas engines

In September 2016 MTU had presented its mobile MTU gas engines for marine propulsion applications for the first time at the SMM International Maritime Trade Fair. The engines meanwhile have successfully completed more than 8,000 hours on the test bench. The first pre-production marine engines of this type have been delivered at the end of 2017 to Strategic Marine’s shipyard in Vietnam, which installed them in catamarans for the Netherlands-based shipping company Rederij Doeksen. The local public utility in Constance, Stadtwerke Konstanz, will take delivery of the first engines of the 8-cylinder version for a new Lake Constance ferry at the end of 2019. 

First mobile gas engines delivered

The first two pre-production units of the new mobile MTU gas engine successfully completed their performance tests and were accepted by the customer at the beginning of December.

The gas pioneer

Doeksen is deploying two  ferries that will be powered by MTU's new mobile 16-cylinder single-fuel gas engines.

Gas engines at sea

The first two mobile gas engines have now been shipped from MTU Friedrichshafen. 

With gas power across Lake Constance

MTU and the local public utility in Constance, Stadtwerke Konstanz, are to test MTU’s new gas engine in a Lake Constance ferry beginning in 2019.