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Gas engines at sea

1/15/2018 | Words: Lucie Maluck | Pictures: Robert Hack


The first two mobile gas engines have now been shipped from MTU Friedrichshafen. Safely packed in transport crates and loaded onto a truck, the two 16-cylinder Series 4000 pre-series units with 1,492 kW output are on their way to the port of Hamburg, from where they will be put on a ship to Vietnam. They are destined for the Strategic Marine shipyard, where they will be installed in a 70-m catamaran in March. Vietnam, however, will not be the engines’ last destination. In spring of next year, the newly built vessels will be transferred to the Netherlands where they are to undergo sea trials in June and July. MTU Report will be supplying the details. 

Painting of the engines before they will be shipped to the customer. 

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