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With gas power across Lake Constance

12/13/2017 | Words: Silke Rockenstein | Pictures: Stefan Söll


MTU and the local public utility in Constance, Stadtwerke Konstanz, are to test MTU’s new gas engine in a Lake Constance ferry beginning in 2019. The new ferry operated by public utility will be fitted with two 8-cylinder Series 4000 gas engines from MTU, each of which delivers an output of 746 kW. It is thus one of the first inland waterway passenger vessels in Europe powered by a high-speed pure gas engines. The fuel to be used is liquefied natural gas (LNG). 

“Our mobile gas engines form an integral part of our Green and High-Tech Initiative. With the new flagship project on the ferry service between Konstanz and Meersburg, we are setting international trends here on Lake Constance and can show outside our front door as it were how our new developments fare. We are convinced that gas engines will become increasingly more important as a supplement to tried and tested diesel engines for marine propulsion,” Andreas Schell, CEO of Rolls-Royce Power Systems, emphasised.

In an earlier project phase, Stadtwerke Konstanz had also looked at the possibility of using a purely electrical propulsion system. The additional cost of over 6 million euros, higher operating costs and also what continues to be a rapid generation and technology change with regards to the battery systems were some of the reasons why the electrical solution was rejected.

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