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Perfect climate

7/29/2015 | Words: Wolfgang Stolba | Pictures: Robert Hack


Maximum precision is an absolute imperative at the new measuring facility which recently went into operation in a new building at Plant 1 in Friedrichshafen. Work on the building started in 2013. Today it streamlines work processes by providing a central location for measuring equipment that was previously housed in three measuring labs distributed throughout Plant 1. The facility boasts cutting-edge climate-control and heating technology that ensures that the room temperature of 21oC does not fluctuate by more than 0.8 degrees during the course of a day. This guarantees reliable measuring results accurate to thousandths of a millimetre in order to meet the exacting demands which have now become standard.

Measurement engineer Dieter Schorer operates one of the
four coordinate measuring machines in the precision measuring lab,
conducting a dimensional inspection of a Series 1600 crankcase.
Around 4,800 measuring orders are processed here every year.

“Precision measurement of newly developed, tried-and-tested or damaged components is becoming increasingly important – all the more so against the background of stricter emissions regulations that demand tighter dimensional tolerances and higher quality standards,” said Werner Schmidt, Director of Production in Friedrichshafen, at the inauguration ceremony on 21. July 2015.  Director of Operations, Dr Dirk Geisinger, expressed his thanks to the members of the project team which mastered the complex tasks involved under the leadership of Jens Hahn and with professional support from Ralf Rösch who heads the measuring lab.

Christian Brezina checks the accuracy of a dial gauge in the gauge
measuring lab. Each year the technicians here inspect around 35,000 measuring
and testing devices and 8,000 quality-relevant production fixtures and tools.

At the heart of the new facility is a precision measuring lab, currently equipped with four coordinate measuring machines and a range of special testing devices, together with a gauge measuring lab for monitoring measuring and testing devices. The 17-strong team at the precision measuring lab completes around 4,800 measuring orders every year. These mainly include engine components from the R&D section and suppliers as well as parts that were already in operation in engines and have been forwarded for investigation. In the gauge measuring room, six technicians check around 35,000 measuring and testing devices each year and five staff conduct tests on approximately 8,000 quality-relevant production fixtures and tools. 

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